About Us

We live in a world that relies on the internet and there’s no escaping it!

As a result, businesses have come to rely heavily on their Digital Marketing.

With over a decade of experience, I’ve noticed a common pain point with our clients; Email Campaign Management.

I don’t mean your email inbox itself, I mean the actual funnels that guide your customers journey from start to finish and then back again.

Whether they are sitting at the top of your campaign funnel or they have already purchased, Email Campaign Funneling is one of the most neglected yet critical component of your company’s customer communication. And it’s a critical part of your customer retention rate.

You can use email campaign strategy to build an email list that will serve you and your company for the long term.

Here are just some of the missed opportunities to connect with your clients IF you don’t have an Email Campaign Funnel in place:

– lead capture
– upsells
– customer reminders
– flash sales
– overall conversion

I started this website to give you a one and done solution to your Email Campaign Funnel needs.

This is just a start however, it is highly recommended you invest time and energy into your email list daily.

Whether you have 100 or 1000 emails, what matters is that you create an ongoing stream of emails coming into your funnel and then touching base with that list to generate a steady stream of revenue for you and your company.

If you’d like to get on a quick call to discuss the services we offer, you can access my calendar here.